Awesome Travel Accessories To Boast Of

Nifty accessories are bound to make you the envy of fellow travelers. With gadgets that makes your trip not only easier, but more exciting as well, surely it is worth the bucks. Executive Traveller takes a look at some super savvy travel accessories available in the markets.

Train Reaction: Easily roll more than one piece of luggage

Trying to wheel multiple pieces of luggage never ends on a good note. But with Train Reaction, life gets infinitely simpler. The flat little rubber ladder closed ends with piggybacks your bags by strapping their handles together allows you to get hold of a four wheeled unit that even the scrawniest can manage.

Cocoon Innovations Grid-It!: No more rummaging for loose items

Doesn’t it always suck when you have to delve deep into your bag to hunt out that one thing you need? Doesn’t it feel worse to realize that you bag is nothing short of a black hole? But have no fear, Grid-It! Is here! This versatile elastic retention system uses interwoven rubberized bands to keep gadgets, toiletries, and other small travel items organized and easily to find. It comes integrated into such products as sun visors, briefcases, and luggage. And the newest model, the Wrap, surrounds the inimitable Grid-It! board with a neoprene pouch designed to hold a 7- to 13-inch e-reader, tablet, or small notebook as well.

SleepTracker Elite Pro: Wake up at your own optimal time

A great way to wake up without feeling exhausted, the SleepTracker ensures you don’t wake during a deep-sleep cycle. You tell the watch when you’re off to bed and enter an acceptable waking window. Throughout the night, its accelerometer monitors your body movement. And in the morning, its alarm rings and/or vibrates when you’re in the lightest possible sleep stage within the specified time range. What’s more, you can review your personal sleep data, either on the watch itself or with software on your PC.

Booq Taipan Lift: Not having to remove your laptop at security

Don’t you hate wasting time dragging your laptop out for a security check every single time you are all set to fly? Taipan’s checkpoint-friendly laptop bag offers a great solution for that. According to TSA procedures, you should unfold the bag and place it on the conveyor belt without anything above or below your laptop that could make it appear as anything other than ordinary as it goes through the X-ray machine.

Hydro-Photon SteriPEN: Avoid sickness by purifying your water

Let’s face it, water-borne illnesses are the worst of the kind. You never know when it hit. But Hydro-Photon’s handheld water purifiers use ultraviolet light to render harmless more than 99.9 percent of potentially hazardous microorganisms in about 48 seconds. It’s a simple, chemical-free method that doesn’t alter the water’s taste. Each lightweight SteriPEN is good for thousands of Water Quality Association gold seal–certified treatments. Some models fit commercial water bottles, use a hand crank, or offer a battery solar charger.

AcousticSheep SleepPhones: Comfortably fall asleep under any conditions

Getting to fall asleep with your favourite music playing is one of the best things ever. And of course, it helps you block out all those annoying kids screaming while running up and down the aisles. The SleepPhones removable speakers built into a soft fleece headband. They let you fall asleep naturally, without popping drugs or jamming in earplugs. In fact, they’re so comfy, you may want to wear them all night even when you’re not listening to music.

Idea Mia Jet Bag: Safely transporting wine and fragile goods

Whoever thought that diapers could inspire something this awesome? The Jet Bag is perfect for all those wine bottles that might just break to bits at any given point of time. By sucking up liquids and stays zip-sealed to isolate broken glass fragments from your other belongings, it ensures that you that no mishap upsets your travel plans. With its primary mission to keep the bottle from breaking in the first place, it’s a great lightweight, biodegradable, reusable solution for transporting anything fragile that authorities urge you to check.

Balanzza Truco: Bypassing baggage claim

An acronym for Travel Utility Carry-On, this awesome invention handily separates into a trio of highly functional, easily storable pieces. In the terminal, roll it as one bag; on board, strategically unclick a few straps, and put the smaller carry-on into the overhead and the briefcase and travel accessory bags comfortably under the seat in front of you. All for one and one for all, the Truco is the perfect size(s) for a long weekend or short business trip.

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