BIAL On A Steady Growth Plan

A year after the announcement of expansion of Terminal 1A of BIAL to meet increasing passenger traffic, the plans are systematically taking shape, says GV Sanjay Reddy, Managing Director, BIAL.

The project initially earmarked for Rs 1000 crore is now estimated at Rs 1400 crores and the authorities are working round the clock to complete the expansion within the 18-month timeline. The new terminal will have lounges overlooking various retail and F&B outlets. The terminal will also have 83 check-in counters, with added seating space as well as 13 baggage reclaim belts. “With the expansion of Terminal 1, we hope to alleviate any hurdles being faced by passengers today,” said Reddy. He added, “At completion, we envision an enhanced airport that befits the city of Bangalore, enhances its business opportunities, complements its culture and welcomes its visitors. The enhanced terminal will have a capacity that will be over 17 million passengers per annum, with flexibility to expand to 20 million, a requirement that will meet the traffic demand for the next few years. It is aimed at significantly improving passenger experience, making access to seating, amenities and commercial facilities easier and better.”

BIAL has planned the expansion on both sides of the existing terminal, ensuring minimal disruption to the operating portion of the terminal. According to the plans, the new and existing terminal will be merged to allow seamless flow of passengers throughout the expanded terminal. While there are a lot of changes afoot, alternate routes, walkways with necessary signage and safety and security installations have been planned for the smooth flow of passengers, baggage movement and vehicles during the entire construction period.

However, undertaking a project of such mammoth proportions has its share of hurdles. Said Reddy, “Operating an international airport, especially on the PPP model, has its set of challenges. It involves coping with huge time pressure, recruiting and training personnel and, coordinating with various stakeholders and partners like caterers, ground handlers and retailers etc. who are willing and are able to provide service according to the highest international standards, while maintaining a sense of transparency within the organization.”

While the work on Terminal 1A is moving at a steady pace, the authorities are already working on additional plans to ensure the BIAL experience equates to that of one of the best international airports in the world. “A comprehensive review of the master plan is already underway and later this year, the airport will embark on the plan for Terminal II and the second runway. By the time Terminal II is completed, Bengaluru International Airport will have the capacity to handle around 45 million passengers,” Reddy pointed out.

What A Passenger Should Know

  • The inner curb used for VIP and taxi movement has been partially closed with effect from August 31, 2011. Except for the area adjacent to the barricades, the other two lanes will be fully functional. The taxi buffer at the inner curb will either be completely removed or reduced in number, as may be required.
  • Beginning December 2011, the existing inner curb and the outer curb will be partially closed for the extension of the canopy in front of the terminal building. During this time, traffic will be diverted to a temporary curb, which is being constructed to the south of the existing curb and cutting across P4 & P5 parking areas.
  • Parking areas P4 (the 10-minute free parking) and P5 (premium parking) will be temporarily closed in phases during the construction of temporary curb. P5 users will be intimated and alternate arrangements will be made accordingly. Appropriate signage will be provided at the P5 entry to re-direct users to other parking areas.
  • To accommodate the temporary road construction work, the P4 and P5 pedestrian walkway will be closed in phases. During any such closure, all airport users will be requested to use the “central walkway” for entry or exit to the terminal building.

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