Bizzare Items Stolen from Hotel Rooms

Hotels across the world often find themselves stripped off of room amenities provided to guests, post their visit.

Many guests don’t leave their hotel rooms without nicking something ranging from toiletries and tea bags to the more flamboyant of flicked items like showerheads, interior décor, sex toys and more. EXEC takes a look at the most bizarre hotel room amenities that guests couldn’t keep their hands off, literally:


At London’s Sheraton Park Tower, management are said to frequently spend a fortune on fresh flowers each week to replace those that go missing.


High quality stainless steel spoons on the breakfast tray may seem like your average home-maker’s dream come true, but a luxury hotel recently discovered an entire dinner set gone amiss. Apparently a guest who frequented the hotel often helped himself to the entire crockery set one piece at a time for a period of several months. Other items like coffee makers and ice buckets are also reported to go missing.


According to a survey by Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine, a medieval sword was said to be stolen from a British hotel. The management also reported a 4 feet tall wooden bear that went missing. Another incident that took place at the Hotel du Vin in Birmingham, saw an emotional guest trying to pilfer a mounted boar’s head from the hotel’s billiard room. Some weeks later, friends of the embarrassed would-be thief purchased the stuffed head from the hotel to present to him as a wedding gift.

Room Number

At the Franklin Hotel in Knightsbridge, one guest decided to unscrew the number from the room’s door. The theft was discovered only when another guest was spotted walking up and down the hotel’s corridors looking for his room.

Sex Toys

Shampoos and bath towels are probably considered mighty cowardly for some guests at the Residence in Bath. The hotel offers kinky accessories to adventurous travellers who are using the room during their trip. This is often succeeded by a follow up telephone call to the now checked out guest informing him/her to kindly return the toys. A long silence is often thrown back from the other end of the line.

 Mini Bar

A guest at a Dubai hotel was reported to have carried the entire refrigerator with him as he made a failed inconspicuous escape from the hotel.


At a hotel in Las Vegas, it was reported that a guest loved the décor so much so that he ripped off the entire carpet while leaving the hotel. Besides these, other interior items stolen from hotel rooms include chandeliers, sink, and even toilet seats (from a Berlin hotel). Some guest even developed enlightened enthusiasm to dislodge every single bulb in a room, as reported by several hotels.

Grand Piano

Colin Bennett, a former general manager for the Starwood Hotel Group said, “As soon as I walked into the lobby of one hotel, I immediately realised something was missing – but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It transpired that three people had strolled into reception, dressed in overalls, and had wheeled the grand piano out of the hotel and down the street, never to be seen again.”


In-room phones, DVD players, remote controls, ethernet cables and televisions have been reported to be nicked from hotel rooms. Hotels have incorporated CCTV and adapted other technologies to detect thefts like these.


Towels are by far the number 1 item people help themselves to. In fact hotels spend as much as $140,000 just to replace stolen towels. Pool towels disappear more than in-room towels, as the latter is often counted before being offered.

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