Buy Tax-free Alcohol Before You Head To The Hotel, And Other Tips

EXEC suggests some infallible ways to get more out of your frequent business trips.

The minibar is expensive. Buy some tax-free alcohol and chocolates before you head to the hotel.

Enquire beforehand if complimentary mineral water bottles are available in the room. If not, it makes sense to purchase some at a store before checking in to the hotel.

Light sleepers should ask for rooms that are away from the elevator area.

Before going up to your room, find the password for using Internet in your room. If it is charged, ask for rates at the business centre.

Before paying credit card bills in Indian currency, find the exchange rate that is being offered by your card company.

Use the hotel gym. It’s free, and keeps you energetic.

Download apps that will help keep track of your intake of food and drinks. When you are meeting clients throughout the day, it is hard to forgo snacks.

Also, download travel apps that will help you around the city in finding restaurants, hotels, shops, car rentals and more.

If you do not want to incur unexpectedly high mobile Internet bills, turn off data roaming on your smartphone or tablet.

To keep colleagues and family aware of your whereabouts, turn to software like Facebook Places and Foursquare.

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