Concept Watch From Tokyo

The limited edition acetate version of the Kisai RPM watch is reminiscent of the sci-fi film Tron.

Its blank dial is an acetate disc, protected with a curved, smoked lens and rimmed with digital tube LEDs that display the time on pressing a button. Lines along the inner ring – just like in an analogue clock, indicate the hours. An outer ring shows five-minute intervals like the minutes on a clock, and four single minutes can be read at the top of the display.

The Kisai RPM Acetate is USB-rechargeable in 3.5 hours. One charge lasts about a month, and there are 300 charges in one battery. The Kisai RPM was a design sent in by a reader to Tokyoflash, which turned into reality. The acetate versions include the Kisai RPM Acetate White, Kisai RPM Acetate Blue, and the Kisai RPM Acetate Limited Edition. It is available exclusively from the Tokyoflash for $159.

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