Delhi Airport Express Corridor Reopens

According to news reports, after undergoing extensive repairs on its civil structure for the last six months, the Delhi Airport Express Corridor reopened to the public recently, albeit at a drastically reduced speed of 50 kms per hour. The corridor was shut in July last year after Reliance Infrastructure complained to the Delhi Metro that cracks have been noticed on civil structures of the corridor. Delhi Metro had completed the civil structure and handed it over to Reliance Infrastructure for operations in 2010. Before the line was shut for repairs, trains on the corridor used to run at a speed of 105 kms per hour. However, check-in and baggage facilities for both international and domestic air travellers will not be available for the time being. “A separate notification for the same will be issued,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying in the report.

However, a trip from Connaught Place to Terminal 3 of IGI Airport that used to take 18 to 20 minutes earlier, will now take 30 to 35 minutes, effectively failing the purpose of a high-speed corridor. Though the line was constructed with the aim of achieving a speed of 120 kms per hour, the trains on this corridor have not been able to run at the targeted speed. With the corridor undergoing extensive repair work due to the cracks in its civil structure, the question arises whether the line will be able to achieve its earlier speed of 105 kms per hour.

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