Do You Know What Entrepreneurial Travel Means

Do You Know What Entrepreneurial Travel Means?

Entrepreneurial travel has a whole different meaning to regular business travel.

An entrepreneur has to be in multiple places at one time and needs to be on the job even while away from the job. They also tend not to blow all the company’s money on first class and five star; well, these days most of them are conscious about their burn rate.

Writer Kelly Hoe articulated some of these thoughts very well on Inc. Time, they say, is money and those hours saved in airports can be satisfying for the soul.

Here are some top tips for the “entrepreneurial traveller”.

Plan for a quick getaway: Take one of the seats in the front of the plane. You will avoid the slowpokes, equally, the aggravatingly pushy. Do not be stuck behind a passenger who is trying to bundle the baby carriage under her arm while waiting for someone to pull her large carry on from the overhead bin. She cannot see you glaring. Her eyeshades are partially on.

Hit your stride: When you get off the plane ahead of the others (because you chose a front seat, remember?), beat a brisk – rude if you must – pace to get to the front of the immigration queue. This move also doubles as good exercise to stretch your legs after a long flight and gets the blood circulating in you, and you in society.

Find the priority line: Regardless of your seat assignment or TSA Pre-check status (in the US) always ask where the priority line is and if they have a pass for you. This is for both security and immigration. Ergo, avoid queues.

Get ahead of security protocol: Wear shoes that you can slip back on easily. (All shoes are easy to remove). Put your phone, your wallet, your belt, your coins (if you still use those) in your carry on. And then liberate your laptop and your iPhone before the x-ray check. Now, watch as you can slip ahead of the laggards who are fishing for their passport. NOTE: Do not leave your boarding pass in your carry on or your jacket as this will return you to the back of the queue to the amusement of all others who once looked upon your efficiency with helpless envy.

Be deaf: There’s something about a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. You put them on and the impoliteness of other humans is blocked. Bring your own Taylor Swift album, else you will have to listen to your airline’s own brand of “embrace all ethnicity” putomayo. Tuning out has the added advantage of helping you focus on that spreadsheet you promised to dissect in-flight. NOTE: Keep your devices charged; not all airlines have in-seat power chargers.

Stay with one airline: Rack up those frequent flyer points: We don’t know if this is all a myth, but sticking to one airline could mean out of turn upgrades and miscellaneous perks..

There’s a bunch of advice from other frequent travellers: stay hydrated, sleep if tired, set an alarm if there is a meeting, and eat when hungry. But we suspect your mommy said the same things to you. If you can’t sleep, explore your destination. Meet new people.

After all, entrepreneurial travel must have a good component of networking in it.

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