Exotic or plain Deadly?

Exotic or plain deadlyWe all love to boast of that exotic dish we tried out. But most of us don’t really know that some of these exotic food items could kill us in a matter of minutes. Exec takes a look at the few that tops the list.


This ‘rotting cheese’, a traditional Sardinian dish, is stuffed with live maggots that act as a catalyst in the process of fermentation. What goes wrong is when you eat this, the maggots can live in your body resulting to diarrhoea and vomiting. We don’t mean to scare you if you have developed a taste for this, but that is just the beginning.


While most think that eating monkey brains will heighten your senses, what they do not know is that this can lead to an illness- Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. And ironically, it actually affects your brain and turns it into mush.


While everyone would love to dig into their freshly made blowfish, no one can deny the dangers of serving an ill-prepared Fugu. In order to prepare and serve Fugu, chefs need to train for three years. And considering that less than a gram of the Fugu’s poison, tetrodotoxin, can freeze muscles and suffocate you, it isn’t really a very long training period.


Jamaica’s colourful national fruit can be quite lethal if you eat the black seeds and the outer red skin. Though the yellow arillus is edible, the fruit also contains a poison called hypoglycin, which is quite lethal.


This Korean delicacy boasts of tentacles being cut off a live octopus, dabbed with sesame oil and served. While people swear by the taste, the dish is very dangerous. The suction cups of the tentacles can cause asphyxiation if not chewed up to a pulp before swallowing.

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