Festivals Around The World in March and April

Valencia celebrates the commemoration of Saint Joseph with Las Fallas

Beat the heat with some kickass festivals around the globe.

Here are some zesty fests that could spice up the hectic work schedule during your business trip…

Las Fallas

Valencia, Spain

March 12-19

The festival dates back to the fifteenth century when it was a pagan celebration of the spring equinox. With its revival in the 1880s, Las Fallas now celebrates the commemoration of Saint Joseph in Valencia. The name refers to the huge sculptures of papiermâché or wood created for the celebration, which are built by teams of local artists and placed at different corners of the city, eventually to be burnt. One can revel in paella-cooking competitions, parades, open-air concerts and bullfights. The finale of the festival involves fireworks at midnight as the fallas go up in flames, followed by the declaration of the winners.

The Adelaide Festival

Adelaide, Australia

March 2 -18

Considered to be one of the greatest celebrations of the arts, the Adelaide estival began in 1960 and is held in March of every even-numbered year. It includes opera, dance, classical and contemporary music events and even digital media. Although it is mainly centered around the Adelaide Festival Center and River Torrens, the festival goes on in other parts of the city as well.


Cincinati, Ohio, USA

March 2-4

Bockfest is a celebration of Cincinnati’s brewing heritage and the coming of spring. It is among the oldest and largest beer festivals in the United States. The festivities begin with a parade that starts at Arnold’s Bar & Grill with a goat pulling a keg of bock beer, moving on to Sausage Queen and ends at Bockfest Hall. Entertainment, walking tours, continental Sunday celebrations and of course, bock beer are all part of the event. The festival takes place at the Hall, Over-the-Rhine and the central business districts of Cincinnati.

Songkran Water Festival

Throughout Thailand

April 13-15

The Lunar New Year in Thailand marks a time when statuettes of Buddha are bathed in water and the young seek the blessings of their elders by pouring scented water over their hands in a ceremony known as ‘Rod Nahm Dum Hua’. A water fight follows, where pilgrims, tourists and natives drench each other in water. Water balloons are launched at participants, hoses are turned on passers-bys, and water guns are fired from bicycles and cars at pedestrians and other vehicles. It is also a time when replica sand stupas are built in the courtyards of monasteries. The celebration in Bangkok is not as pompous as the one in the city of Chiang Mai.

Bendigo Easter Festival

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

April 6-8

Formerly known as Bendigo Easter Fair, this annual event has been held since 1871. Here you can see Sun Loong, the world’s longest dragon dancing through the streets. The first Bendigo Easter Fair was organised by Burnside and Aspinal to raise funds for Sandhurst Benevolent Asylum and is today Australia’s longest running festival. This year, the festival will commence on Easter Monday with a variety of community-centric activities and events such as the Rotary Art Show, the YMCA Second Hand Book Fair and Bendigo Easter Antique Fair. The awakening of the Dragon is a ceremony unique to Bendigo, where Sun Loong would rouse himself from his yearlong slumber to walk in the Parade.

Mullet Toss

Pensacola, Florida, U.S.A.

April 27-30

Since 1984, locals and tourists here have strived to perfect the art to throwing a mullet. The Interstate Mullet Toss is held every April, where over a 1,000 people shell out $18 to toss a 1½-pound fish. The entry money also gets you a t-shirt and souvenir picture of yourself. The Florabama Package & Lounge, which has branches in Florida and Alabama, hosts this annual festival and participants throw around three hundred pounds of mullet every year. In addition to this, there are the Ms Bikini Contest, a wet T-Shirt Contest, Keg Toss and much more.

French Quarter Festival

French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisana, USA

April 12-15

Located in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, this festival was founded in 1983 and features the music of New Orleans – jazz and blues. With an estimated attendance of 533,000 last year, this is the largest free festival in the southern part of the United States.

Gulmarg Winter Festival 2012

Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir, India

March 9-11

The first and the biggest of its kind the Gulmarg Winter Festival is all set to rock the valleys with its grandeur and cause. Organised by Soul Curators and supported by Jammu & Kashmir Tourism the festival scheduled on a full moon weekend aims to bring people closer to nature and save environment through use of eco friendly products besides promoting tourism. It also showcases the best and the emerging talents of India in music, performing arts, films and alternative athletes. Besides playing host to music from genres like classical to electronic music it will also showcase artists like Audiogramme, Technoholik, Tritha, Raghu Dixit, Half Step Down and Bombay Basement to name a few. Winter sports like Skiing and snow biking and world’s highest gondola ride and adventure sports like Canva Stroke, The Cold War, The White Fight are some of the highlights in the sport events that will take place at the fiesta. A short film festival based on music, culture and environment will also be showcased which would include films from emerging filmmakers and studios. Food connoisseurs can also savour Kashmiri cuisine from breakfast cafes and local restaurants in the area.

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