Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Pingxi, Taiwan

February 14 – 24
In a blaze of luminous glory, 100,000 to 200,000 hot air balloons emblazon a full moonlit sky. Although the holiday is celebrated all across Asia, nowhere in the world is it more recognized than Pingxi, a remote mountain town an hour-long drive from Taipei.
History has it that village watchmen used “fire balloons” as signals to inform the refugees that their houses were safe from outlaws. When those hiding in the hills saw the celestial flares, they knew it was time to go home.
Upon arriving in Pingxi, you can either walk along Old Street or head directly to the main stage. Hitting the Old Street first to get a more intimate experience of the main commercial thoroughfare before the 80,000 festival attendees arrive, is another way to take in the atmosphere.

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