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EXEC takes a look at the fitness programmes offered by hotels across the country
Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway

A global fitness programme by Core Performance and Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway called the ‘Sheraton Fitness Programmed by Core Performance,’ offers business travellers a specific fitness regime whilst on the road. Mark Verstegen, Founder of Core Performance and Athletes’ Performance has designed a holistic program exclusively for Sheraton guests, which is derived from the same training methodology used by professional athletes. This holistic programme includes a time-efficient training programme with 20-30 minute ‘themed’ workouts along with a gym tailored to meet the needs of business travellers. Besides this, guests can also train in their room with a help of a complimentary fitness bag called ‘Workout in a Bag’. This room kit comprises workout cards, workout mat, foam rolls, resistance band and massage stick. Sticking to a regime includes dedication and will power, and this fitness programme does just that. Post checkout, one can try the online training programme created by Core Performance at Sheratonfitness.com. Guests can download the required workouts which can be used anywhere. In addition to this, the CorePerformance website has personalised training regimes based on individual needs. The hotel also offers a one-of-a-kind fitness concept called ‘Fit Meetings’ wherein healthy breaks, techniques to keep the mind and body sharp, and customisable group workout options are available.

Hilton Garden Inn, Delhi

The complimentary 24/7 Precor Fitness centre features new equipments, spacious workout areas complete with both cardio and weight training equipment along with individual TV’s on every machine. Alternately, guests can exercise in their privacy of their room with the help of a ‘Stay Fit Kit’. This kit includes a core body workout by combining Yoga and Pilates. The items that are available are: Pilates band, Yoga mat, eight-pound abs ball, three-pounds hand weight, resistance ropes and an instruction card with exercise details.

Trident, Chennai

The Trident Gymnasium and Fitness Centre is home to cardio-vascular, cross training and weight training equipments from Life Fitness. The complimentary gymnasium is available for resident guests only, and is opened all day. A personal trainer is also available during the day. The gym is equipped with a steam room and a stretch pool. After a strenuous workout, one can even utilise their spa which offer signature massages and therapies like the Trident Massage and Balinese, Swedish, Thai, Anti-Jet Lag, De-stress massages. Said a spokesperson, “The guests who travel on business like the fact that the gym is open 24-hours and also admire the great view and tranquillity of the garden.”

Royal Orchid, Bangalore

This hotel offers guests’ yoga instructors and personal trainers. While they don’t offer room kits for workouts, they do, however have a fully functional gym and a temperature-controlled pool opened between 7:00am to 8:00pm. Yoga classes are conducted over the weekend between 8:00am and 9:00pm. “The response to this has been appreciated and a lot of people have asked for yoga,” added a Royal Orchid spokesperson.

The Gateway Hotel, Agra

Exercise in the comfort of your room and at your convenience. The Gateway Hotel at Agra offers guests an in-room yoga workout based on the Bihar School of Yoga. The guest has a choice to select between three regimens. With the yoga mat in the room, guests can choose among three CDs that play 24/7 on the in-house TV channels. The first regimen consists of asanas that allow specific muscles and ligaments to gently stretch and relax. Regular practice of these asanas removes body stiffness, improves blood circulation, increases stamina, and corrects the body alignment. The second regimen is of Pranayamas, which comprise a few breathing techniques that not only energises the body, but also influences the neuro-endocrinal system to improve body metabolism, and produce a balance of body and mind. The third regimen is Yoga Nidra, which is a technique of relaxation and meditation. Regular practice of Yoga Nidra sharpens mental awareness and removes tiredness.

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