Flight to Fitness

With hours to kill in the airport every now and then, waistlines and wallets are directly in the line of fire. So why not train your thoughts to run a different mile and use up these precious hours to get fit?

Spoilt with choice at the kiosks, stores and brightly lit restaurants, it is time to flaunt the basic rules of resistance and indulge in a few minutes of effective calorie burning. While some airports offer you the privacy of fitness rooms to work, not all are equipped well enough. But that is no reason to shy away from the lunges and the stretches or the stares of the not-so-healthy passers-by. Gear right up and read on to know about some quick ways to save the wallet and the waistline at the airport.


Lap it Up


What better way to kick-start the cardio than a couple of laps around the airport? A fun way to kill time, the few minutes of running or brisk walking can charge you up and help you shrug of unexplained aches from sitting around for too long. However, you must remember that a minimum of a twenty-minute lap is recommended.




With plenty of stairs to choose from, any airport can turn into your very own, personalized Stairmaster. Walk up and down, discover newer corners and well, even bump into new people. Along with losing some of the extra calories you picked up at the coffee shop, this is a good way to get to know each nook and cranny of the airport. You never know what heaven lies beyond these stairways.


Stretch it out


If the layover you have to deal with is a rather long one, it is important that you stretch out your muscles to avoid unnecessary aches and pains from creeping up.

Light stretching can be done in any airport, at any point of time just make sure to not pull a sudden Ramdev on anyone and show off some moves that will make people stare.


Quick Tip: For some leggy workout, extend your right leg out, while bending your left knee. Repeat using the alternative leg.



Meditation Marvels


For all the times you have complained about the unnerving stress that is wrecking your life, we suggest a good old meditation routine that is guaranteed to bust those thoughts that bug you down. Admitted, you will not be offered a room with scented candles and you might have to make quite an effort to lull down the buzz, but with your headphones plugged firmly in placed, appropriate audio-files in place and eyes shut tight; relaxation is well within your grasp.


Quick Tip: Be sure to visit sites like the Osho site or Write Spirit to download some music that soothes the soul and transports you to a world of tranquillity.


Go the Extra Mile


For the true-blue fitness buffs, there is always space to pack some light exercise material no matter what the case is. Starting from basic yoga mats and ending with skipping ropes, playtime is just within reach. So spread them out and whip up your own customized routine of lunges, stretches, push-ups and squats. With just 15 minutes to spare, you’d be surprised to realize how power-packed this short routine can be. Just be sure to include a warm-up and cool-down routine or else your muscles will soon scream for help.



Fifteen and Fit


While waiting at the airport, get fit with this brief fifteen minute work-out.


Warm up (four minutes)


The most important bit about any workout is the warm up. Starting from running on the spot, to a set of perfectly executed Jumping Jacks and even marching, you must remember to keep at the sets for four whole minutes. With the main aim to loosen up your muscles and keep the sores at bay, remember, warm-ups cannot be left out of any regime.


Exercise (Seven Minutes)


Down to business, many of you will actually doubt the effectiveness of a workout that lasts for only seven minutes. But you will be surprised, rather pleasantly, to realize that these seven minutes are perhaps all you need to get fit.


A well-balanced regime consisting of lunges, squats, push-ups, leg-raises and dips is nothing short of perfect. Start with eight counts of each and then as your body gets accustomed to the stress, increase the count. But just remember not to over-work your muscles. Sore muscles are never comforting.


Cool down (four minutes)

Regime done, it is now time to cool-off and head back to the hustle of daily life. You can either repeat your warm-up regime or give in to the best way of cooling down: planking. Lie straight on you exercise mat with your eyes closed and palms facing outwards. Coupled with deep breaths, this is one of the best ways to cool down from the recent exhausting workout.




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