Gadgets That Help You Stay Fit On The Road

Handy fitness equipment carried on your business travels can save you from going on a guilt trip while indulging in the occasional treat

Staying fit is not easy when you are flitting from city to city, and there are new cuisines to explore on your trips. Frequent business trips means meals at irregular times and of course, the gourmet meals and the glasses of wine at meetings cannot be missed. However, keeping in good health cannot be compromised. For those who don’t have enough time to hit the gym at the hotel, fitness equipment packed into the suitcase can ensure that you remain in shape.

Portable Weights

Portable weights are collapsible plastic units that can be filled with water and used for weight training. These weights can be carried through airports also.

Resistance Band

Resistance training involves the usage of thick elastic bands that force the muscles to contract and resist the opposing force, also known as strength training. Resistance bands are great for business travel because they are thin and long and fit comfortably in suitcases and can be used easily in your car or hotel room.

Fitness DVD

On business trips, a laptop is compulsory so why not tag along your favourite workout video? From Pilates to yoga and cardio, there are plenty of choices and these will not occupy any space in your luggage.

Running Watches

These watches are fairly inexpensive and come in a wide assortment of colours, shapes and sizes. This type of watch enables the runner to track how long they have been running and also to record information for different portions of the workout separately.

These are easy to use and help businesspersons keep on top of their workout regime.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are the toughest to fit into your carry on luggage but it’s worth it. You never know when the opportunity might present itself to indulge in a nice long run.


A pedometer or stepometer is a device that calculates the distance you have walked or ran. It senses your movements and counts your steps. Then, the pedometer converts your steps into distance. Using a pedometer on business trips is an effective way to keep a track of the number of steps you’re taking and motivate you into doing more walking.

Music Player

Make sure that you’ve got all your favourite workout tunes on your iPod or mp3 player. Work out in between meetings or the morning before that corporate brunch. You can also store audio workouts on your mp3 player to make sure you remain motivated.

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