Going Green: Etihad’s Environmentally Sustainable Flight

In what could revolutionise the aviation industry, Etihad launched its environmentally sustainable flight “INSPIRE” between UAE (Abu Dhabi) and Australia (Sydney).

Flight EY450 is one of four long-haul flights whose routes have been pre-determined by the airlines instead of various air traffic control centres of jurisdictions on the ground, which has led to better fuel efficiency. James Hogan, Etihad Airways CEO said, “In recent years the advances made in aircraft navigation systems technology have been impressive. Aircrafts are no longer reliant on ground-based navigation systems. At Etihad, for the sake of the environment, we strongly advocate industry modernisation that will allow aircraft to fly to the capabilities they now have.” The remaining three INSPIRE flights will operate between Perth-Dubai (EK 425), Dubai-Melbourne (EK406) and Abu Dhabi-Sydney (VA30).

Operated under the auspices of the Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions (INSPIRE), the flight will utilise technology that could see significant reductions in fuel use and carbon emissions by all aircrafts. INSPIRE is the result of a partnership between the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) of the Arabian Gulf, Southern Africa and the South-West Indian Ocean. This initiative is an offshoot of the successful Asia and South Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions (ASPIRE). Its aims include accelerating the development and implementation of operational procedures to reduce the aviation industry’s carbon footprint, capitalising on existing technologies and best practices, and developing shared performance metrics.

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