Government of India Aims to Build More Low-Cost Airports

In an effort to improve and promote air connectivity in remote areas, the government has proposed to build more low-cost airports across the country, identifying the low-cost business model in domestic aviation as a ‘key trend’.

According to official reports, the priority areas of Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh included providing greater connectivity to smaller and remote parts of the country and development of low-cost airports, he was quoted as saying in an official release.

During the discussion that followed, MPs too sought improving connectivity to smaller towns by increasing number of flights and setting up airports there. The members of the Committee also voiced serious concern over increasing air fares.

Apart from five major airports already operationalised under the public-private-partnership mode, government has given in principle approval for setting up of 15 new green-field airports, including those in Goa, Navi Mumbai and Kannur, he said.


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