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If your work keeps you away from home quite often, it can be challenging to maintain your fitness program. Travel time and meetings might leave little room in your schedule for exercise. But dedication and planning can help you stay in shape, and ease the stress that work travel can cause. 

We know the benefits of regular physical activity, from reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and improving our mental health. Yet, it is hard to find the time to exercise. According to, National Center for Health Statistics in 2014 shows that only 20.8% of all adults over 18 meet federal physical activity requirements.

Dr Dharini Krishnan, Dietician shares a diet plan to be followed even when you are travelling to different places for business trips. “Even when you are travelling around for business meetings, try to follow a healthy diet routine, because you might see appetizing food, so keep in mind to have everything limited. Remember, do not skip three meals a day, and add green vegetables into the diet chart.”

“You should cut down the consumption of oil. Avoid using extra sugar. People add more than two teaspoon of sugar in their tea or coffee which adds more calories, and leads to health hazards. Instead of having five to six cups of tea per day, you can have plain warm water by putting some basil, coriander or curry leaves.”

Fitness professional Praveen A, talks about the importance of physical activity that adults should start getting into physical activities, one can do indoor floor exercises like floor exercises, static jogging, walking on the terrace or balcony at least for 30 – 45 minutes is required. 

Fitness Trainer, Praveen A

Why is exercise important?

Nowadays, it is difficult to see people spending time for physical activity because of their business schedules, and it leads to more inactive people who are literally non-functional. Every one should spend at least 30-45 minutes for physical activity daily. That doesn’t mean you should go to the gym every day, you can also try doing yoga, cycling or walking.

What tips you can business travelers give to workout in between their schedule? 

For business travelers, they have to keep their body fit and healthy only then you will get confidence in their appearance. In a day, we have to spend at least an hour for workouts, to keep our body fit and healthy. Try doing simple floor workouts and follow some healthy diet routine by avoiding junk and oily food items. Apart from workouts we need to keep our body hydrated.

What happens if we don’t work out at all? 

If we don’t do any physical activities, we might have a low immune system, cholesterol level might increase, and obesity and cardiovascular problems will be faced in the future. So, taking care of our body by doing some physical exercise is better. 

Are there any simple exercises which can help to stay healthy?

Yes, there are quite a few exercises, which are stability, strength and power exercises. These three types of exercises are called major roles in workouts. We have to choose the exercises depending on our goal. If you want a flexible body, concentrate on stabilization exercises like stability ball push-ups, hamstring roll in, Dumbbell squats, and kick through lunge. Also for beginners can utilize their time by walking, running and also by doing basic exercise by watching YouTube channels 

Are people still taking online training post Covid?

For the past one year, we have been giving training online, though it was difficult in the initial days, because the atmosphere at gym is different, when it is performed at home the effectiveness will be less compared to workout at gym. Those who exercise for weight loss or to overcome their health issues they will be benefited working out at home. We take online training for business people who travel a lot for the meetings post Covid, in fact the number has increased up to 30 per cent compared to the year before.  

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