How To Make The Most Of Duty Free Shopping

With time to inevitably kill at airports, what better way to kill it than to stroll into the duty-free stores? And before you know it, you are reaching out to the shelves, loading your carts with precious goodies. For most, duty-free shopping is like dipping your hand in a goody bag and pulling out treats that’ll make your eyes glow. Faced with the option of buying merchandise that isn’t taxed, we all unanimously agree that these stores are perhaps much better than walking into a retail store. Recorded to be a staggering $39 million, it is a well-known fact that shoppers worldwide do not shy away from spending the greens freely at airports.
Though some souls still firmly believe in the evils of duty-free shopping, truth of the matter is, these airport stores are perhaps the best places to pick up liquor, tobacco and some of those expensive fragrances you’ve had your eyes on for long. However, getting that great bargain is not as easy as it seems. With so much to choose from, you need to know exactly what to head for to make most of the tax-exempted goodies. EXEC brings to you a list of things you definitely should grab as you stroll through the duty-free stores.

01.  Liquor
Nothing lifts spirits more than the spirits themselves. With the chance to get almost a 50% discount on your favourite brands of liquor, this is the one thing you should definitely indulge in.
However, buying the bottle and walking to your flight, brandishing it proudly, is not the right thing to do. Travellers all over the world have faced instances where their precious bottles have been confiscated. So remember to safely pack your goodies in your luggage before you head off to your flight.

02.  Tobacco
Like we all know, the smoother the blend is, the more expensive the tobacco is. But to fulfil all those pipe dreams, the airport is perhaps the best place to indulge in some serious tobacco shopping. However, it is important that you check what your tobacco import allowances are, at the airports you will be travelling to. Otherwise, you just might face a nasty little surprise.

03.  Perfume
What can please the lovely ladies better than fragrances that they love? The answer is rather simple: Shops where they can splurge of these lovely fragrances. And let us assure you, that there is no place better than the airports to get lucky. With discounts ranging from 25% to almost 50%, Nina Ricci never smelt so good.
Like alcohol, perfume might be subjected to confiscation if it is carried on to the cabin. So it is important that you pack in the bottles before you check your luggage in.

04.  Luxury Goods
Every time you walk through an airport, you inevitably remember that one birthday you forgot. And there is no better way to ask for forgiveness than to hand someone a Jimmy Choo bag. With a staggering 13% hike in the sale of luxury goods at airports, there is a reason why people stop buy to make these purchases.
Spoilt for choice, luxury goods are perhaps the most easily available products at the airport. But you always must remember that when you are set to make an expensive purchase, you need to know where to go and what to look for. Or you might just end up lost.

05.  Local Goods
We all love the little trinkets we get by the sea-sides. But more often than not, these souveneirs are sold to the tourist at unbelievably high prices. But at airports, you are sure to get these littlle hand-crafted bits of joy for much less. Mainly aiming to promote tourism and local crafts, the airport houses hand-made articles that bring out the essence of the place.
However, you need to remember that not all of these available are handcrafted or even authentic. So having a knowledge about exactly what you want is important.

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