How To Speak Airline: A Glossary For Travellers

How to speak airline: A glossary for travellers, an EXEC digest feature.

Crosscheck? Ramp? Ground stop? Who comes up with these things?
Finally, decoding the insufferable jargon of air travel.

How To Speak Airline: A Glossary For Travellers

THE EXPERIENCE OF AIR TRAVEL IS UNIQUE in that people subject themselves to a long string of mostly anonymous authorities. From the moment you step through the terminal doors, you’re hit with orders — stand here, take your shoes off there, put your seat belt on, do this, put away that — and a flurry of information. Most of it comes not face-to-face, but over a microphone, delivered by employees, seen and unseen, in a vernacular that binges on jargon, acronyms, and confusing euphemisms. There are people who make dozens of air journeys annually and still have only a vague understanding of many terms. To help, I’ve compiled a glossary, focusing on those expressions most easily misunderstood, or not understood at all.

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