How To Travel Without Any Baggage in UAE

If you are tired of queuing up at the baggage claim to collect your luggage, Emirates has just the solution for you. Keeping in mind the hectic schedules of today’s traveller, Emirates has launched a Baggage Delivery service at Dubai International Airport – Terminal 3. Passengers do not have to wait for their baggage on arrival and can enjoy the convenience of continuing with their journey in a timely, unencumbered manner.

Positioned just after the immigration counters, the Baggage Delivery service allows customers to enjoy a hassle-free journey by having their baggage delivered anywhere in the UAE on arrival at Terminal 3, for a nominal fee.

“Providing our customers with a seamless and efficient travel experience is at the forefront of whatever we do at Emirates, and the launch of the new Baggage Delivery service is just another initiative towards ensuring the comfort and convenience of our customers when they travel through Terminal 3,” said Mohammed H Mattar, Divisional Senior Vice President Airport Services, Emirates.

Dedicated agents will collect the baggage, clear customs on the customers’ behalf and ensure it is delivered to any requested location within UAE. Customers will be charged AED 200 for up to four pieces of luggage, for delivery anywhere within Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah, and AED 250 for delivery within Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. AED 10 will be applicable for every additional piece of baggage delivered to any address in the UAE.

While this service is a novelty and saves on a lot of time and hassles, EXEC asked business travellers if they would leave their luggage at the airport, if given the choice.

“No I won’t leave my bags at the airport. I would feel happier taking it with me.” Pria Kataaria Puri, Entrepreneur, International Ace Couturier , Label PKP, Mumbai

“Yes, I would leave my baggage at the airport but provided the airport authority guarantee me in written that my belongings would be safe and handled with care.” Sheru Aangrish, Founder and Chairman, Sheru Classic productions pvt. ltd, Mumbai.

“No, I will not use this service as there are high chances of the bags being misplaced. Also people like to open their bags and unpack, the minute they reach a destination. People usually do not wait until later. ” Aashita Relan, Director, Royal China, Delhi

” It all depends on the reviews the service has got as I can’t trust them to be reliable without knowing the feedback. Even if I will have the option of having my bags delivered to my place, I would prefer collecting my luggage myself. ” Manu Rawal , Designer, Delhi

“If I am travelling on business, I probably will opt for the service. Also the airlines should be willing to take responsibility for the service. However, if I have something valuable, like important documents or jewellery in my luggage, then I’d rather carry it with me.” Arundathi Menon, Ex-Proprietor of Shilpi

Yes, if given the option I will make use of this service. Most of these baggage delivery services make sure that your baggage is delivered on time without any damage. It saves me from the long queues and baggage chaos at the airport. It saves me the nightmare of lost baggage and allows me to travel hands-free.” Dr Shyama Prasad Chakraborty, Lead Engineer, Anshin Software Pvt. Ltd

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