Indigo Lands India’s First Plane Using Fuel-Saving Technology At Kochi

Low cost carrier IndiGo last week became the first Indian airline to carry out a landing at the Kochi airport using a system that allows an aircraft to be guided by a sophisticated on board navigation system instead of ground-based radars. In carrying out this precision landing, an Airbus A-320 aircraft used the Required Navigation Performance (RNP) approach, which provides accurate and shorter flight paths and secure trajectories.

RNP, by allowing the use of an on-board systems and satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS), frees the plane from dependence on conventional ground-based navigation installations. An airline spokesperson said the first regular RNP flight was 6E-345 from Bengaluru to Kochi. RNP approach would continue to be applied by IndiGo whenever its aircrafts land at Kochi, with its entire fleet being equipped with the system. Such landings would lead to the saving of 75 km of distance on each approach, amounting to the saving of approximately 400 kg fuel per landing and therefore lesser emission of greenhouse gases.

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