Kurlon Limited Launches Luxurino Comfy Spring Mattress with MSI Technology

Kurlon Limited, India’s largest manufacturer of mattress, today announced the launch of its luxury pocket spring mattress, Luxurino. The mattress is made through innovative technology known as Motion Separation Index MSI and is priced at Rs 36,710 for queen size.

Luxurino is the first of its kind mattress, which is a pocket spring mattress with memory foam pillow top and incorporates the motion separation index or the MSI technology being used for the first time in India.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Chairman and Managing Director, Kurlon Limited, Mr. T Sudhakar Pai, said, “We are happy to announce another product line among our branded mattress segment. Kurlon strives to create a one-stop shopping location for all your mattress needs. Crafted expertly in a state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore, the mattress imbibes the most advanced sleeping technology in India. This new product line not only has a plush international appeal but also is durable and comfortable.”

Luxurino, spring mattress offers support to the back, gives comfort while sleeping and durability as it comes with Lifetime warranty. Additionally the mattress readily adapts to body contours and movement. With MSI technology the body movement on one side of mattress is independent and doesn’t disturb the movement on other side. The mattress provides good spinal support and allows moisture regulation and air circulation thereby avoiding a build-up of heat.

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