Le Greens Opens New Resorts in Karnataka

With the launch of Dhole’s Den Eco Lodge in Bandipur and Our Native Village in Bangalore, Le Green has expanded their properties in Karnataka.

Dhole’s Den is an eco-friendly Lodge and luxurious gateway to the Bandipur National Park. Eco-consciousness begins with doing away of modern luxury which means there are no air conditioners, televisions, telephones, tea and coffee makers nor refrigerators in the rooms. To start with most of the electricity at Dhole’s Den is generated by a wind turbine and solar cells. The switches are clearly marked allowing you to use renewable energy to the maximum. The kitchen waste is turned into bio gas in the bio gas digester. They use an age old method which was used even in the Indus valley civilization until recently rediscovered. The waste water is treated in reed beds so that the resulting waste water is odorless and can be used for farming in the vegetable garden which supplies the kitchen with organically grown products

Our Native Village is a 100 percent eco-friendly, lifestyle resort located in Kodikhalli village which is about 22 kms from Bangalore ( Karnataka  India). The resort recreates the ambience of a  traditional Indian village, and is built using materials from the locality and from the site itself. The layout has been planned to allow for maximum natural light and ventilation. From comfortable rooms to swanky conference halls, Our Native village is a beautiful place to enjoy the simple ambience that is prevalent in a village.

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