Low-cost Carriers on Airport Authorities’ Minds

Airports Authority of India (AAI) is now concerned about the viable models to make dedicated low-cost terminals. By cutting terminal charges, the no-frill carriers can minimize cost. AAI is, however, looking for a middle ground where facilities of the full-service terminals can be brought down to provide minimum but effective facilities to passengers.

AAI chairman VP Agarwal said that they are looking for a terminal design which can be appealing and effective for Indian LCCs as well as passengers. “”Security and safety is a major concern at low-cost terminals. We are looking for an efficient model to construct terminals,”” he said here during the Center for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA).

Though people have taken majorly to flying low-cost airlines, India currently doesn’t have a dedicated terminal for these airlines. Delhi airport has a terminal which caters only to LCCs, but there is no differentiation between the airlines in terms of cost of operation involved at the airport. Agarwal pointed out that though there is a need for low-cost terminals, the true model hasn’t been a success at many places.

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