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It was just another day in 1970 when Bernard Sadow invented wheels for luggage… But as he tugged a rather ridiculous looking object into Macy’s, the onlookers simply stood by and sniggered. But little did they know that some forty odd years later, the world would learn from him and give life to a range of luggage that can not just glide on wheels, but can also turn into a scooty, help you haul other luggage and even follow you around.

EXEC takes a look at some of the most innovative luggage recently introduced to the world.

 Micro Samsonite

Is it a scooter? Is it a suitcase? Oh wait. It is both… For those who spend a definite amount of time running through airports to get to a connecting flight, this is the perfect thing to invest in. After three odd years spent in developing this little baby, Samsonite presented the world with a suitcase that can turn into a scooter with some minor adjustments. Priced at 250 pounds, the feeling you get while gliding through the overcrowded airports is something money definitely cannot buy.

 Trip Sound from Travelteq

Admit it, there is not a single soul out there who hasn’t sat on a suitcase, plugged their ears and enjoyed a few odd minutes of relaxation while being on the run. And admit it, a lot of you will be ecstatic to know that this suitcase not just converts into a rather handy chair, but your very own jukebox. With a set of incredible integrated speakers, the sturdy wheeler converts into a chair that has a sturdy seat, spring-operated legs, retractable handles that act as a perfect backrest and even a seat cushion. For the gadgetheads, there is one more reason to invest in this: the sound system also doubles up as a docking station which can keep your phones and laptops from dying on you at times of need.

 Move-On Collection

When you have hours to kill while waiting for your flight, some people tend to find some of the most mundane things amusing, while others prefer turning to some off-beat ways to entertain themselves… like investing in luggage that is more than just luggage. With names like Surfn, Ridn and Strolln defining the collection, you realize that this range of luggage is for those travelers who like their luggage to look and act nothing short of great. By allowing you to ride ‘em, sit on ‘em and even turn to them for some quick babysitting, these suitcases are not merely for travelers, but experience seekers and people who like to have stories to tell.

 SeV Carry-on Coat

So you are the kind of person who hates the ideas of hauling bags around. If given a chance, you would stuff everything into your pockets and stroll into an aircraft and laugh at the ones scrambling around to get their luggage in place. Worry not, we found something that’s perfect for you. Inspired by a trench coat, this beauty with 33 pockets allow you carry not just little trinkets, but bottles, your iPad and even a set of clothes and shoes amongst a lot of other imaginable and unimaginable objects. With some transparent and touch-sensitive pockets to play around with, geeks will especially love this one.


The ones who have always wanted a little droid of their own to follow them around, your wait has come to an end. With three built-in receivers that flawlessly communicate with the owner’s smartphone, this is indeed the world’s most faithful piece of luggage. The micro-controllers calculate the distance and make sure that the little one doesn’t suddenly get lost. And if it does? Once it realizes that the phone’s signal is no longer accessible, it sends the owner an alert and locks itself till the owner gives it a green signal. Madrid-based designer Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez’s Hop! is just the droid you’re looking for.


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