MakeMyTrip Launches RoutePlanner

According to news reports, MakeMyTrip has launched a mobile application, RoutePlanner for Indian travellers. RoutePlanner integrates availability of services like flights, buses, trains and cabs to display the exact connectivity options between any two places in India. It allows users to view multiple routes for the same origin-destination pair. Furthermore, it enables trip-planning between any two destinations in India by combining multiple modes of transportation across 4,300 cities, 2,300 flight routes, 65,000 bus routes, 970,000 train routes and an extensive road network. Each route is ranked by an algorithm called RouteRank, which ranks the routes basis convenience, duration of travel and price.

Once a route is selected, RoutePlanner displays the best transport combinations to the specific flight number, train name or bus operator with approximate fares. The tool also gives user the option to receive results in a portable document format (.pdf) along with the pricing details for flights and trains.

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