No More Sleepless Nights

India’s only allergy-proof rooms at the ITC Maurya ensure guests have a well-rested stay.

ITC Maurya is perhaps the only hotel in India to have introduced the concept of a “pure” or “allergy-free” room. So what exactly is an allergy-free room, you wonder. Said a spokesperson, “A Pure room is a room with dramatically improved air quality and a significant reduction in irritants. It’s allergy-friendly and a healthy alternative for every guest. For allergy sufferers, it’s the difference in a restless sleep and a peaceful night’s rest. For the rest of us, it is peace of mind knowing your room has a significant reduction in germs, bacteria & viruses.” Pure rooms undergo an intensive six-step process, and this purifying process is done twice a year. This process ensures that the number of irritants in the air is minimized significantly. These steps are:

  1. Special cleaning of the air conditioning equipment in the room, carpets and upholstery
  2. Application of an anti- microbial shield on all surfaces, which prevents growth of mold, fungi and algae.
  3. Shock treatment of the entire room with ozone gas, which totally eliminates pathogens
  4. Installation of Tea-Tree oil cartridge in the a/c unit.
  5. Installation of Hypoallergenic mattress and pillow encasements.
  6. Placing a high efficiency room air purifier that is an FDA listed class-II medical device in all rooms.

The PURE rooms (76 rooms) at the ITC Maurya are located at the premium ITC-1 blocks. “The benefits of a Pure room include improved air quality and all surfaces have been specially treated to minimize irritants. It also allows you to get a better night’s sleep and wake refreshed so you can enjoy your stay,” said the spokesperson. Guests too have noticed a marked difference. “A business traveler was so impressed with the ‘real change’ he experienced during his stay at ITC One rooms that he actually decided to install these special air purifiers at his residence. What has been most amazing is that while we did not disclose to the guests, wanting to know if they felt an apparent change, many of them actually said they felt better and got up feeling much refreshed! They also said they sleep better. That has really been encouraging,” added the spokesperson.

Regarding their expansion plan for allergy-free rooms, “Things will move forward in a phased manner.”

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