Now, Five-star Hotel Service At Home

Now, you don’t have to go to a hotel to experience their five-star hospitality and service. Whether it’s staying in a Condo Hotel (also called condotels) or owning a private residence maintained by a star hotel, travellers can now get all the services of a luxury hotel in their homes.

Condo Hotels

A relatively new concept in India, it is slowly gaining popularity in the Indian market. After an individual buys a hotel room, he is entitled to use the room from 21 to 60 days free of cost. The rest of the time, the hotel uses the unit to generate revenues that is split between the hotel chain and the owner. The rooms owned are put into structured condominiums and maintained by the hotels.

Pioneering the concept is Tuscany Terraces in Matheran, Maharashtra. Owned by Silvexity Group, Tuscany Terraces has reportedly sold 100 condos. Baljit Singh, General Manager, Tuscany Terraces says, “Buyers like the idea of living in a fully maintained holiday home in a hotel property, in the scenic foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains in Matheran as well as earning a substantial rental income. We have clients from various strata’s of the society with various income levels. We have rooms which suit the budgets of every individuals,” he said.

The owners of units love the idea of owning part of a hotel property that makes for a great vacation spot as well as being monetary beneficial. Shabbar Sheerazi, owner of a unit in Tuscany Terraces, says, “After booking an apartment, I visited the site on some occasions. I observed that it was not only the construction, but also the services offered that were of a high standard. I was just looking at investment proposals in real estate that would appreciate and offer a decent return at the time of sale. In the Rent Back Scheme, Tuscany Terraces offered us a decent return on investment for the period we are not utilising the property. Tuscany offered us the dual advantage of rental income and free holidays at a hotel of international quality standards, managed by Best Western. What more could we ask for?”

Four Seasons Private Residences by Westcourt

A first of its kind in India, Four Seasons Private Residences are residential apartments that are available to home buyers. Popular globally, a branded residence essentially means that the homes, owned by individuals, are maintained by the Four Seasons Hotels. Homeowners will also enjoy access to services and amenities offered by the hotel located in the same property, including concierge service, dining options, fitness centre, pool and spa access and more. These branded private residences promise a distinctive lifestyle for homeowners, accompanied by all amenities and luxury standards offered by a 5-star hotel.

Four Seasons Private Residences, Located at Bellary Road, comprises two 30 storey towers, Four Seasons hotel, retail and office space. Talking about the concept of branded residences, Vinay Kapoor, President and CEO of Westcourt, “We are the first group to bring this concept to India. There is a certain section of people, since they travel so frequently, want some things to be taken care of. And that’s where we come in. We provide a feasible alternative. This concept is popular abroad and we are positive about the response we will receive on this project,” said Kapoor. He feels the Usp of this project is the fact is the residences are serviced by Four Seasons. “I feel Four Seasons provides the best service possible. Once you experience it, you can’t go anywhere else.”

There are 48 units above the hotel in one tower that is more suited for a corporate’s needs and the cost of one unit is between four crores and 7 and a half crores. They include a wine room, a billiards room and media room, other than the usual amenities that will be provided. The other tower houses 60 residences and are more suited for families and each unit is priced at 6 and half crore and more.

Kapoor explains why Bangalore was chosen as the city to build India’s first branded residence. “I feel Bangalore is a very cosmopolitan city. The city has IT majors and international companies. The quality of living is better and the weather helps of course. The city has grown like no other city. Mumbai and Delhi are crowded and there’s hardly any space for real estate development.”

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