Now, Wake Up on Time

Jitters and shivers, mouth agape and anxiety-ridden you rummage through your packing for a non-creased shirt, as you struggle to make it to the meeting of which you have slept through the first 30-minutes. But, there are canny ways to ward of this living nightmare. Here are some tips.
Wake-up call/Door-knock

To ask the receptionist to give a wake-up call is the preferred option. While, you opt for this option, make sure you ask the receptionist to back up the call with a door-knock. The idea of just the call can be foiled if your phone is off the hook, or you plan to revel in that extra 10 minute of slumber that often last longer than expected.

Mobile phone alarm apps

Your smart phones and iPads can be your second rescue call. Make sure your phone or iPad is equipped with a reliable alarm application. If you are a deep sleeper then set up the alarm in both your gadgets for multiple reminders. You can also pep up your mornings by customizing your alarm music to your favourite song.

Pump up the volume

Some mobile alarms are just not loud enough. They buzz and hum with little volume to wake you up. If your mobile phone suffers from this drawback then place it in a drinking glass before going to bed. You will always find a couple on your bedside table or in the bathroom. This simple trick will amplify the alarm sound.

Move away the alarm

Instead of keeping your mobile phone or iPad next to you lodge in a place away from you. Make sure that the gadget is out of your reach, and that you will have to get on your feet and take a few steps to reach it. This little morning exercise is bound to keep you on time for all your meetings.

A mint start

Carry mint to drive away sleep at all unwanted hour. If you like to keep your gadgets within arm’s reach then keep mint next to them. When you wake up in the morning quickly pop a few in your mouth. Chewing on them will help you feel fresh and energized, a clever way to avoid going back to sleep.

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