We quote directly from writer Brian Barretr, in his Gizmodo.com column, (Hey You Big Idiots, NowCan I Use My Phone on Planes?).
He wrote, “…Do you know why the anti-cellphone crusade even exists on planes? Seriously though, you’ll love it. Way back in 1991, the FCC and FAA both banned cellphones from being turned on in-flight because back then cellphones were pineapple-sized wind-up machines that nobody understood and that were therefore terrifying by default. And when they finally got around to actually studying cellphones on planes, in 1992, guess what? They found nothing. It was fine because of course it was it’s just a phone…a normal human person, upon finding out that something he feared was in fact harmless, would act on that knowledge…(not using cellphones) is like not getting a haircut just in case scissors are really sentient, brain-starved steel fingernails.”
Such arguments happily may lapse into the unfettered use of cell phones on all flights as airlines around the world come to the realisation that phones are needed. Every minute. We learn that As of 2011, there were 139 countries that did not restrict in-flight phone use. Barrett writes that if Luxembourg had a higher crash rate than the rest of the world, we’d have heard about it by now.


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