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Operating under the supervision of the international hotel and resort chain, Sterling, Shipra Hotel has been re-launched under the spanking new Mosaic Hotels brand. Sited in the commercial and shopping seat of Noida, Mosaic offers comfort to business and leisure travellers alike. Rohit Naithni, Vice President, Marketing & Development, Mosaic Hotels, talks to EXEC about future expansion plans, facilities and the business mantra that keeps the brand ahead of competition.

Are you looking at moving to other cities?

Yes, of course. The group already owns a couple of properties in Noida, which are in the pipeline for renovation. Our focus for expansion is on Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities like Mussoorie, Alwar, Panipath, Bhopal, Gurgaon, Manesar, Jodhpur, Haridwar and Nainital, where we have acquired properties. Renovation for these properties will be undertaken based on how contracts, managerial decisions and other determining factors fit into our system. Simultaneous to the renovation, we are in pursuit of multi-brand expansion, as and when opportunities come our way. ‘Hive’ will be a brand synonymous with our 3-star hotel, while our smaller properties endowed with a character and story of their own will fall under ‘Seed’.


Who is your target audience and why?

Our target audience is the business traveller. Noida is home to a large number of small-scale industries and as a result there is a constant tide of businessmen and executives that come to the city. We wish to tap into this pool of business travellers by offering them a convenient and comfortable stay.


What is the USP of the hotel?

Mosaic stands in the prime location of Noida with quick and easy access to the market and commercial district. The hotel is 100 metres away from a metro station, allowing for convenient connectivity to Delhi and is 15 minutes from Pragati Maidan, the exhibition and events hub. In addition to our location advantage, Mosaic is a compact hotel with the services of a 5-star and is one of the first establishments to open a lounge instead of a disc. This allows our guests to relax and catch up with friends and colleagues after spending all day at work.

How does the hotel group appeal to the business traveller? Please enumerate the features and the facilities that cater to the business traveller.

We pamper our guests with small thoughtful gestures like presenting a pillow menu. Often travellers suffer from problems of the neck and the back owing to the fact that they frequently change beds. While mattresses are standardised nowadays, we make sure our guests have the right pillow under their heads. Additionally, we offer express check-in, lending our services a flexible touch. We also provide guests with complementary Wi-Fi and breakfast as well as a meeting-friendly environment with state-of-the-art conferencing facilities.


What is the strategy to stay ahead of the competition?

Offering personalised services with flexibility gives Mosaic the competitive advantage. While our products and services are standardised, we do not hesitate to help our guests with their little needs. If a guest is staying at the hotel for the weekend and wishes to buy movie tickets, or wants to go on a tour of the local area we arrange it for them. At Mosaic, we like to keep our guests entertained by meeting all their demands as far as possible.


What’s the hotel’s philosophy or business mantra?

Mosaic is a part of a bigger entity – Sterling – and is not the sole breadwinner for the group. Therefore, there is no financial pressure on us. Consequentially, even in hard economic times we can afford to not compromise on our services. No matter the situation our service remains up to standard.


Is there a focus on the MICE segment? If yes, what are the plans?

Since Mosaic is a box structure, covering an area of 10,000 square feet, we do not have enough leeway to optimise on the MICE segment. However, we do have 4 meeting venues that can host conferencing and banqueting facilities for 20 to 200 people. Guests can choose from different seating arrangements and enjoy the benefits of the latest audio-visual equipment. Realising the potential of this segment, we will be positioning some of our new properties as MICE properties.








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