Quantas Tests New Screening Technology in Australia

According to news reports, the Qantas Group is all set to demonstrate new-age security screening technology at the Qantas Domestic Terminal in Melbourne this week.

Their innovation, the ProVision Portal is an advanced passenger security-screening device that uses millimetre waves to scan the body and identify all objects concealed on or carried by a person.

Qantas Group General Manager Security, Geoffrey Askew, said the demonstration, although not part of the current security screening process, was intended to take the equipment into an airport for public consideration and comment.

“Passengers are invited to view and test the equipment on a voluntary basis in order for Qantas to gain customer feedback on this new technology,” he said.

Passengers simply have to walk into the unit and stand in a designated spot for three seconds with arms raised, then leave the unit.

“The millimetre waves used to generate the individual’s image are not invasive or harmful. The image created simply resembles an outline of the person and indicates the position of any foreign object.

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