Quit Smoking In A Day

If someone told you that you could quit smoking, and all it took it was a day, chances are you’d have a look of complete disbelief. But, surprisingly, there is an effective solution.

Suresh Shottom, former lead guitarist of Human Bondage, and Chairman of Uforia Wellness tells you how.

The only certified provider in India, Uforia uses the Allan Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking.

Says Suresh, “We don’t turn smokers into deprived, miserable and ex-smokers, but turn them into happy non-smokers.” Talking about the programme, Suresh says, “At this five-hour programme, one can expect to be relaxed, entertained and educated whilst smoking.” He adds that the success rate of this program is 90%. The remaining 10% come in for a follow-up or booster session (three-hours). For hard nuts to crack, an additional booster session is done. However, he says, “Very rarely, do we have people coming in for a second booster session. It is the only programme that offers a money-back post main and two booster sessions.”

So, how does this work? Is it a case of mind over matter? “No,” he says adding that it is a form of cognitive therapy that is used. “It is an inner conversation that an individual has within himself.” One of the main reasons why this programme is successful, he says is because “It is the only approach that focuses on the real problem – the drive to remove the desire to smoke. All other methods, and there are several: Psychological Counselling, Hypnosis, Nicotine Patches and Gum and Shock Treatment. One of the common factors these methods have – is the need to use will power. Under the will power method, the smoker desires to smoke, but will not allow himself to do so. When you want to do something but cant, it makes you miserable and deprived. In this state of mind, the smoker desire increases and its torture. It’s the fear of having to live life without the smokers little friend and the fear of going through endless torture, and giving up by using willpower. The Easyway method is the only method which removes these fears. Once these fears are removed, the smoker need not use willpower to stop immediately and permanently.” Suresh conducts these sessions in groups of 12-15, and receives people from all over the world. He also travels in India conducting the programme for the last two-and-a-half years.

Ironically, Suresh was a smoker himself, and had tried all methods and had failed. A chance visit to a bookstore in NY led him to the Allan Carr Easyway Method when the book fell from the shelf. “It was destiny,” he says.

In Bangalore, Easyway India is located at: # 7, Clark Road, Richards Town. 4160-3838. For more information, log onto: www.easywaytostopsmoking.in This five-hour session costs Rs 5,000.

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