Railways Might Introduce 3-AC Coaches on Yuva Express Trains

According to a report, Indian Railways is likely to introduce additional AC-3 class coaches on the economical Yuva Express trains to augment its earnings since its present seating arrangement has got poor results. The report also stated that the Railways has been running two Yuva Express trains with AC chair car facilities for the past three years connecting New Delhi with Kolkata and Mumbai. “Though the two AC trains are running on two important routes, which have heavy demand throughout the year, the earnings are not up to the mark,” stated a senior Railway Ministry official.

The Railway official said the idea to add AC-3 tier coaches came since passengers prefer sleeper berth facility in overnight journeys and Yuva trains currently provide only seating arrangements. “We are planning to add AC-3 tier coach in both trains to accommodate more passengers as the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kolkata routes are always high on demand,” the official said.

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  1. It’s really good to hear that finally they decided to add AC3 coaches in this. You know, in long distance train there must be sleeping berth. So, whenever we want we can sit or sleep. It is a very good move taken by the Indian railway in order to make our journey more comfortable. I hope, if they do so their performance definitely going to increase.

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