Sidharth Bhardwaj Appointed as Sous Chef, Marriott Chennai

Chef Sidharth Bhardwaj has been newly appointed as the Sous Chef at Marriott Chennai. He brings with him seven glorious years of experience in the hospitality industry. At Marriott Chennai, he is in charge of the overall kitchen management. He has tremendous experience as a restaurant manager, food production, staff management, banqueting and much more.

His resume boasts of a rich work experience with prestigious hotel groups such as Le Zodique, Brewberrys, Pastamania and Mayfair Banquets to name a few. A meticulous worker by nature who seeks constant perfection, Chef Sidharth has delivered optimum results even in the most difficult of situations. He was the Production Head at the Brewberrys, where he was solely responsible for research and standardization of recipes along with developing new dishes to keep up with changing trends.

In his free time, he likes to read and watch movies. Surprisingly, he is not a foodie and prefers to eat simple home food given a chance. Making homemade wines are also his specialization and one can catch him experimenting with food and wine pairing in his off days. Not to be left behind in any outdoor activities, he is an avid swimmer and also plays badminton. With such varied interests, there is a never a dull day in his life.

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