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Long stopovers might be a thing of annoyance to many. But if you are stranded in one of these places, you might just have an awesome time. Executive Traveller takes a look some of the most awesome airports in the world where you can browse through shops, lounges and actually forget that you are stranded for six, or maybe even 12 hours.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Singapore is shopping. And the renowned Changi Airport is one of the best shopping destinations of the city. With more than 300 stores and a 100 eateries lining up the sprawling airport, time literally flies here.

The three huge terminals of the airport are connected by the Skytrain which is not only superfast, but free as well. It works wonders when you want to skip from one terminal to another. The best things about the airport are the gardens in each terminal, from orchids, ferns and Koi ponds in Terminal 2 to a lush tropical butterfly grotto and waterfall in Terminal 3, this airport has it all. In fact there is even the option to sign up for a free two-hour guided bus tour which takes in the city’s major sights.

Hong Kong

Rated as one of the top three airports of the world by most, the Hong Kong airport boasts of a massive IMAX that show the latest box office hits, even in 3D. And if golf is on your mind, you can visit the nine-hole golf course. After you’re done hiring your clubs, book a table at the Thai restaurant for a tenth hole meal and then step out swinging. The course is floodlit at night so a game of after hour golf is also on the cards.


One of the busiest airports of the world, the Dubai airport boasts of the world’s largest airport duty-free shop which is not only brilliant, but incredibly busy as well.

Already on the way to eclipsing London Heathrow as the world’s busiest airport, Dubai boasts the world’s largest airport duty-free shop, at almost 5400 square metres, but it gets incredibly busy during peak travel hours towards midnight. For the lazier travellers the SnoozeCubes in Terminal 1 (which include a full-size bed, touchscreen TV and free WiFi into a self-contained box which you can rent from $18 per hour) is the perfect destination. Complete with cool open air gardens that boast of mist machines, this airport is oerfect to chill at.


The impressive architecture of Suvarnabhumi International Airport makes us realize why it is considered to be Thailand’s aviation pride. With shops, spas and lounges lining up the terminals, there is plenty to do. And if you are looking at some long hours, we suggest a visit to the airport’s Louis Tavern Transit Hotel.

Kuala Lumpur

When in Kuala Lumpur, passengers must visit the lounge if nothing else. The Plaza Premium lounge, which charges $53 for five hours, offers not only free wifi, but showers, snacks and some incredibly comfortable chairs. If you have 6 hours to kill, we suggest you get on the Airport Express, which will take you downtown in 30 minutes. Though there’s still another 15 minutes on a second train to reach the KL City Centre station, the trip is totally worth the time spent travelling.

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