Take Care Of Your Hair

Dr Rao talks about what causes hair fall and how one can prevent it.

It is important for a business traveller to make a good first impression. And one problem that worries most men is extensive hair fall or premature baldness.

Loss of hair, change of colour of hair or infections in the scalp draws medical attention. We loose 100 to 150 hairs daily. Scalp hair should be inspected for luster, caliber, structure, kinks, breaks and frayed ends as each defect will represent the cause of excessive hair loss and help in rectifying it.

Hair loss is usually due to severe illness, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, androgen over activity and iron deficiency. Rapid loss of weight due to crash dieting can also lead to hair fall.

For re-growth of lost hair

Patchy loss of hair is common and it can be treated with minoxidil topical application. Using counter irritants like phenol and tinctures injection of steroids in the area also show promising results. Treating diseases like thyroid, correcting iron deficiency or removing scalp infection and getting rid of dandruff are important factors that help prevent hair fall.

Stress is another common cause of loss of hair. Taking breaks and regular exercise is the best remedy. When melanin fails to be synthesised in hair matrix, the hair looses its colour and starts graying.

Measures to prevent hair fall

  • Regular exercise
  • Take vitamins with iron and Vitamin E
  • Wash your hair with a good protein rich shampoo once a week. Wash hair more often if you live in dusty or a polluted area.
  • Use antidandruff shampoo if you have dandruff and get scalp infections treated promptly.
  • Use a good soft brush and do not brush or comb vigorously.
  • The author is recepient of padma shree in the field of medicine

Q My father is bald will I become bald too?

Yes, you are in line.

Q Is it ok to have a head bath daily?

No, you will loose some natural oils from the scalp. Once in three days is fine.

Q If I shave my head, will my hair grow faster?


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