Ten Tips For The Road

Few things to remember before you take to the road.
Plug and Print

Make sure your laptop is read to plug into any printer and churn out documents at will. Install drivers for HP LaserJet, DeskJet and Epson dot-matrix printers.

Power Up

You’d never know when you’d desperately need that extra battery time. Plug your laptop into an outlet when you are waiting at the gate.

Adapt in Air

Use your flying time to condition your body for time zone changes. Whether this means you’ll have to try and doze off right after take off or force yourself to stay awake through the flight, it’ll all help to make your time on the ground more productive, right from the touchdown.

Password Protect

A stolen/lost laptop – a business traveller’s worst nightmare. Knowing that your files are password protected might not seem like too much of a consolation at that time. But upon cool reflection you’ll thank your stars you did it.

The Art of Packing

Unpack as soon as you arrive at your hotel, though you’d be more tempted to crash into bed. This will reduce wrinkles and keep creases intact. And while repacking, resist the urge to roll up dirty rolls and stuff it into your bag as that only takes up more space.

Tame the Body Clock

If your internal clock is protesting against the random time zone changes, just take a walk outside. Sunlight and exercise help reset your natural circadian rhythms.

More must be Better

Invest in a spare rechargeable battery for your notebook. Every little extra battery life helps and will help you work more efficiently during commute.

Instant itinerary

Tripit is a service that makes it easy to gather the scattered results of your travel machinations automatically, thus giving you more flexibility in planning your trip. Setting up an account is free and easy and once you key in your travel dates, forward confirmations emails from your flight, room or car booking to the site, which will then, pull out the key information and stick it in your itinerary. If you give Tripit access, it will even search through your Gmail account to find the information on its own.

Cross Check and Double Check

Hotel Bargains are no-doubt great. But committing to an ill researched accommodation can leave you with much more than you bargained for. Whenever you find a promising hotel deal, hit sites like TripAdvisor, which house an extensive and reliable collection of user reviews that can give you a clearer picture of what you are getting into.

Eat, Sleep (or not)

To make your body do what you want it to, regulate its fuel. To stay awake, eat a high protein meal of meat and vegetables and to sleep or nap, eat a high-carbohydrate meal with rice, bread, pasta or noodles.

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