Air India likely to join Star Alliance in June 2014

Air India Ltd. is likely to join the 28-top-international-airline conglomeration, Star Alliance in June this year. The airline has been invited after lifting an earlier suspension of the membership process on Air India’s admission to the alliance, as per a report by Joseph Mampilli in The New Indian Express.

In one of the major meetings that took place a few months ago in Vienna, Star Alliance had unanimously decided to lift the suspension and revive the invitation.

“Air India will be the first Indian airline to join the group. The integration will no doubt help the airline improve its revenue and become green as far as the finance is concerned. It can also widen its operations as global connectivity could be increased through a number of partner airlines,” said an Air India official.

As soon as the process gets finalised and Air India becomes a member in the Alliance, the passengers can avail huge benefits, the official said.

“It’s going to be a milestone in the history of Air India’s international operations,” said the official. “It’s also an approval from an international organisation to an Indian airline because highest standards in security and technical infrastructure are criteria to its approval along with customer service,” he added.
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