‘Blond humanoid’ Eliza might take over low-end BPO work

1 fwEliza is IPsoft’s virtual service desk employee, and is someone you can see on your computing screens when you interact with her. She handles the back office grunt work, interpreting voice inputs to investigate and diagnose IT incidents.

Eliza can answer upto 1 lakh emails, and 67,000 phone calls every day. She (doesn’t look nice calling her ‘it’ ) can even strike a conversation with you about, say, your favourite cappuccino, somewhat like Apple’s Siri.

“When I met N R Narayana Murthy in New York recently, he told me he wants to have a date with Eliza the next time he’s in the US. He can see better than most, the wave of cognitive and autonomic technologies that is about to sweep us,” says Chetan Dube, a former math professor turned founder and CEO of New York-based IT autonomics service provider IPsoft.

Eliza, currently deployed in a few blue chip customers in the US, is taking over routine helpdesk tasks that were done previously by an army of engineers. The software algorithms sitting behind the computing system resolves business process queries without human intervention.

Source: The Economic Times

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