Curries & Wine at Vivanta by Taj Begumpet

Chef Arjun Yadav
by ExploReach Promotions
In an innovative journey of re-discovery, Executive Sous-Chef, Arjun Yadav and the team at Vivanta by Taj Begumpet have conceptualized a journey of discoveries.
Thai Pavilion, the Thai restaurant at Vivanta By Taj Begumpet, presents an indigenous journey of Curries and Wine Discoveries- a sensual dining experience that brings together unique flavours of Thai curries.
The hotel strives for authenticity, excellence in service, artistry and innovation in cuisine and a receptive, warm ambience in which they create a dining experience that brings to guests an extraordinary dining experience.
A bouquet of wines from the Sula vineyards, the hidden flavours and aromas secreted within layers of vintage from mature wines to young wines with distinct characteristics with the perfectly paired dishes are a delight.
The special crafted menu by Executive Chef- Arun Kumar Reddy comprises of exotic, fresh and authentic ingredients. The menu is created in keeping with the essence of the wines, their versatility and profusion of flavour.
The menus opens with exciting curries such as the Gaengdaenggai rue nuea rue pe(Red curry of chicken or tenderloin or lamb with straw mushroom, bamboo shoots and Thai baby eggplants with sweet basil)paired with Sula Cabernet Shiraz / Sula Zinfandel Rosé(a red wine which pairs well with mildly spiced dishes or you can opt for the fruity refreshing Rosé which is dominated with berry flavours) or Gaengkhiao warn gai rue nuea rue pe (Green curry of chicken or beef or lamb with coconut palm heart and Thai eggplants with sweet basil)paired withSula Chenin Blanc ( a hint of sweetness and fruity flavors which work well with spicy green curry.
Pananggoongmanggorn (mild spicy)- Pale Reddish (Lobster in nutty creamy curry with sweet basil and kaffir lime leaves)paired withSula Zinfandel Rosé ( the lobster has been paired with the aromatic Rosé),and Chu chee poo/pla/koong (Thai home style curry with crab/fish/prawn)paired with Sula Sauvignon Blanc(a light, refreshing wine with herbaceous aromas to go with this mildly spiced curry), Kaengkhuasaparot (Pineapple flavoured Thai prawn curry)paired with Sula Riesling(pineapple has a strong predominant flavors of pineapple paired with Indian Riesling which will compliments this curry to perfection) Gaengkiew wan gai/pla/je (spicy) (Chicken/fish/vegetable green curry with Thai eggplant and sweet basil leaves) paired with Riesling.

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