Explore India’s History with the ANS Navigator App for iPhone

NNG_local_guide_2Powered by the iGO Navigation Engine, the ANS Navigator App for iPhone now includes the highly anticipated Historical Monuments content package.

With this application upgrade, the ANS Navigator enables you to explore India like never before. Find out more about India’s iconic heritage spanning 1000 years of history, and discover India’s ancient temples, caves, governmental buildings and much more in almost 1,000 cities and settlements. The Historical Monuments database with more than 3,700 items not only unfolds the vast cultural heritage of India at your fingertips, but also allows you to visualize & understand the significance of the monuments by means of richer content such as descriptions, pictures and visiting times.

If you’re looking for a taste of India’s world class highlights, and want to explore some of its hidden gems, this app will lead the way and eliminate the hassle associated with travelling so that you can experience incredible India.


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