Koreans Entitled To Visas On Arrival In India

Koreans can travel to India without getting a visa before departure starting next Tuesday. India will introduce the 30-day tourist visa on arrival at five airports, including Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.
The Indian Embassy in Seoul on Thursday this will allow 110,000 Korean tourists a year to travel more comfortably.
The visas are available to each traveler “a maximum of two times in a calendar year, with a minimum of two month gap between the visits,” the embassy added.
India’s visa-on-arrival program has so far been available for visitors from only 10 countries, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines among them.
However, Indians traveling to Korea will still have to apply for an entry visa before departure.
No visa application by a Korean tourist has been rejected over the past two years, nor will any Koreans be denied visas on arrival, Indian Ambassador Vishnu Prakash said.
Reproduced from: Chosun media

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