Unique Airport Experiences

If you happen to be transiting and have a long layover, here are a few experiences to try out.
Slice of Korea

Try your hand at the arts and crafts offered at the Seoul Incheon Airport in South Korea. Located at the Center, 4F, Concourse, the airport is home to a cultural hub and offers passengers free classes on traditional Korean arts, music and crafts Courses in paper box making called ‘hanji’ to face painting and even tying knots among others are available here. It is open throughout the week from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

‘Spa’rkling Experience

Run by Finnair at the Helsinki Airport, the spa and sauna facilities at Terminal 2 between Gates 36 and 37, offers passengers the ideal way to destress and unwind at their pool or sauna, or opt for a decadent spa treatment. For Finnair’s Plus Platinum Cardholders’, the service is free. Non-cardholders need to pay a nominal amount to avail these services. Some of the treatments available here are hand, face and full body massages, and the spa offers a paddling and mineral water pool along with a variety of baths like Stone and Brechel bath to name a few.

Rock Star

If you happen to be at either of these airports: Philadelphia, San Diego and or Houston Airport, the norm here are not your run-of-the-mill passenger seats at the arrival/departure lounges; instead, rocking chairs are what you get. So, whether you are people watching, airplane gazing or simply reading, you can do so whilst rocking.

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Hello Kitty, a popular kids brand, has its theme splashed around at Taoyuan International Airport located at Terminal 2. The lounge is home to Hello Kitty upholstery to a playground and nursery. There’s even a shop here that is dedicated solely to this popular cat.

Power Naps

If you happen to have a long layover at Munich, and you don’t want to check-in at the transit hotel, here’s an alternate option for passengers: Nap Cabs. These booths or nap cabs can be rented out for a small price for an hour. These come with an Internet connection, desk and power plugs besides a desk. This booth is located at Gate H32.

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