Whitening Eye-drops and 10 Other Tips For Making Travel On The Road Easier

Whitening eye drops can help you feel fresh, and do some feet exercises to prevent swelling during long journeys. Also, carry painkillers, vitamin tablets, and mints.

Avoid washing your face with hot water just before boarding a flight, as it will lead to drier skin.

To avoid the ears from hurting while on a plane, ask the crew to provide you with two plastic cups in which two cloths immersed in boiling water have to be placed. Put them over your ears for a few minutes, as the heat will help unblock the ears.

If you are going to a region where roaming calls are expensive, consider an overseas SIM card. A Skype headset is another good option to talk for free from your hotel room.

In-flight entertainment can be faulty or uninteresting. Carry a book or magazine as well.

While leaving the airport, enquire at the airport information centre about shuttle buses, cabs and trains in the area before reaching a decision. You can ask your hotel the expected cab fare from the airport so that you are not fleeced.

Before renting a car from the airport kiosks, find whether there are cheaper options available such as picking one from another location.

Learn basic conversational sentences in the local language.

Read up on the customs regulations in the country so that you are not caught unaware.

Most high-end hotels charge for Wi-Fi. Take an ethernet cable for such contingencies.

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