Who Put Wheels On A Suitcase?

Did you know that we put a man on the moon before we figured out wheels on luggage? Wheels on luggage were invented in 1970 by a Mr Bernard Sadow. The product was first introduced to the market in October 1970 by Macy’s, New York.We found this interesting post on Yahoo answers on the subject, attributed to a Corey Kilgannon.

“They all laughed…at Bernard Sadow and the funny-looking suitcase on wheels he tugged into Macy’s one morning. Mr Sadow and his prototype were ridiculed and rejected by a buyer for Macy’s, which carried the conventional luggage Mr Sadow’s company, U.S. Luggage, made. But this was 1972, and no one knew of luggage on wheels. Soon, the glum luggage manufacturer found himself wheeling his idea right back out. “They said, ‘No one’s going to pull a suitcase on the end of a strap,’ ” Mr. Sadow recalled. But two weeks later, he got an appointment with a Macy’s vice president, who was soon doing just that: towing the suitcase around his office, giggling with glee. He called in the naysaying buyer and, smiling broadly at him, asked: ‘’So, Jack, what do you think of my new idea?’’ recalled Mr. Sadow. “He looked at me and then back at the boss, and he said, ‘Great, I love it.’ ”

The executive told the buyer to buy, and that was the start of wheels on luggage. Mr. Sadow, 75, recalled it all recently in the well-furnished living room of his sprawling Chappaqua home. Besides getting the last laugh, Mr. Sadow, (who turned 75 in 2000 – the year this post was written) still receives licensing fees from manufacturers selling bags using his 1972 patent on rolling luggage.

“I know they’re still selling because I watch the royalty checks coming in,’’ Sadow said.”

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