Why You Should Take a Power Nap

Researchers suggest it, Garfield vouches for it and Winston Churchill credited his success to it — there’s a reason why Power Nap packs a power punch to everyday life. A short siesta energises the body and mind, making you more productive and efficient during the day.

The benefits of a power nap are innumerable. From reducing stress to increasing creativity and memory retention as well as increasing cognitive functioning, sleep specialists recommend power naps for increased productivity in a workspace.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Nap

However there are ways to get the most from your short nap. Here are some suggestions

  • The term afternoon siesta was coined keeping our body clock in mind. Power nap in the early afternoon, or about eight hours after you wake up helps rejuvenate the body as our energy levels are at their lowest between 2 pm and 4 pm.
  • Naps shouldn’t be longer than 20 minutes. Longer napping causes non-refreshed, foggy state called sleep inertia. This not only reduces our ability to stay focussed but also causes trouble while sleeping at night.
  • If you can’t get sleep, close your eyes and take a short break. This will make you feel equally energised.
  • Take A Power Nap And Don’t Get Caught

    While we do not promote sleeping at office, long work hours or excessive work pressure can cause fatigue. If you do not have a “Nap Room” in office you must be careful about where and how you take your nap. Napping during work hours can be a firing offence, so try and adjust these breaks just before or after your lunch/ coffee breaks.

    Where to Go

    Go To Your Cabin: If you have one, this is the best place to snooze for a while without offending your boss or co-workers. Remember to shut the door of your cabin, before you take your break. Whoever wants to enter will knock before entering and that will be warning enough.

    Go Conference: If you do not have a private cabin, head to the conference room or the office library. It’s easier to get your power nap here without drawing much attention. Of course, make sure there are no meetings or conference calls scheduled during your break.

    In Your Car: Taking a nap in your car, in the parking lot is one of the better and comfortable options. Pull up the windows, lock your doors and turn on some relaxing music to get better sleep. Remember to set an alarm, so you do not overdo it.

    To The Loo: If you do not have all the above options and need to catch few minutes of shut-eye just go to the bathroom stall, cross your forearms over your knees, and put your head down to rest. It’s the safest and the best way to get rest.

    At The Desk

    This is the worst-case scenario, but if you have no other options, these are some safer methods and will not incur the wrath of your employer.

    Put on Your Headphones: Pretend that you are listening to music while you are working. This way, even if someone calls you and you don’t hear them, you could say it was because of the music.

    Have Papers On Your Desk. Rest your head on your palm while you snooze. Passers-by will think you are looking through important papers.

    Open A work Document: Make sure you have your back turned towards your co-workers and a work document open on your screen.

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